ďMy husband and I have wanted to get some help and have needed it for a long time, but we never did. When I found you, I felt you were right for us. In one 2-hr session the mystery of our entire 23-year relationship challenges were outlined on your boards. We both left your office feeling optimistic, and with new tools that we know will work.Ē

L.P, yoga instructor and mom

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"It has been great to have someone to air out ideas with and to provide objective feedback. I've recently developed a new relationship that has more of the fun and fulfilling qualities I have been searching for. Keep doing this great work."

Computer Consultant
Phoenix, Arizona


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  Choosing A Professional
The world is flat and love relationships are easy!
  Oops! Sorry, wrong planet. Relationships are extremely complex. As wonderful as a relationship can be, it can be equally distressing. Humans have figured out very complex technology like airplanes and computers, but are still struggling with relationships. The truth is that most people donít have a clue how to have love work.

Hiring an expert to be your guide can help you avoid painful and costly trial-and-error, improve your communication skills, and make the journey to the love of your dreams much smoother. If you donít do something to get out ahead of the train and lay new track, the chances of you having a happy and healthy relationship are not good. Those chances are much, much less than 50-50.

Do you want a communicative relationship with the ability to talk about anything with kindness and respect?

Based on a quarter of a century of work, Bill White has created a new model for healthy relationships. This model was inspired by his personal experiences--a difficult childhood, being clueless about relationships, and a profound spiritual awakening at age 27.

Billís model is a finely tuned guide for compassionately resolving emotional upsets. You will find solutions to relationship challenges that stump most relationship experts. And you will experience a renewal of love, trust, play, and friendship.

Why not hire a highly skilled mentor to help you successfully deal with the relationship complexities? Do you really want to struggle to do this on your own? Of course not. Be good to yourself. With Bill on your side, the process is much easier.

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