"Without your coaching, there would have been much more suffering in the dating process."

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Why Use A Coach?

You may not have ever considered employing a coach for what people generally think should be natural and easy. And yet, you've probably experienced personally, or watched others go through, the emotional and financial costs of:

  • Years of not dating
  • Picking the wrong ones
  • Unending arguing, breakups and divorce, and
  • The suffering of any children who have been a part of these relationships.

Why not save yourself the heartache and difficulty of haphazard trial and error? Invest in the use of an expert to guide you in generating the partnership you've always hoped for.

Hiring a coach to be your mentor in the jungle of love relationships may be the best thing you can do for yourself and for your present or future partner.

Whether you are presently in a long-term relationship, just dating, or not dating at this time (and regardless of your sexual orientation), this service is designed for you. In fact, the ideal time to start coaching is BEFORE going out on a date.

The bottom line for singles:

Here’s the deal. Before you and your partner start on your trip down the Couple’s River (a.k.a. the Niagara River), we can avoid potential suffering. At this stage, I will be your guide assisting you in:  1) creating a relationship that is healthy and can last a lifetime,

2) preparing for the challenges you will meet along the way, and 3) nipping some potential challenges in the bud. Or, I can meet you at the bottom of Niagara Falls where I can help you pick up the pieces and figure out how to get your relationship afloat again.

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