First Date Jitters:

Start by setting up a positive scenario in your mind. Whatever you put your attention on is going to have power over your experience. If you go to the date with your mind on how scary this is going to be, it will be scary.

First, imagine the best possible outcomes. For instance, see yourself meeting someone who does really interesting work, has a great sense of humor, or who's on a spiritual search that you find intriguing. Imagine finding yourselves talking like old friends. Secondly, imagine being your best self at all times on this date, expressing your most brilliant, most charismatic personality. Finally, don't be attached to any particular outcome.

Harville Hendrix, relationship expert and author of "Keeping the Love You
Find: A Guide for Singles"

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Dating Testimonials

"My coaching experience with Bill was great! Without it, there would have been much more suffering in the dating process. It's also good to know I have someone to turn to if I'm feeling a loss of power, or feeling stuck."

Ms. B.B.
Member Services for KPBS
San Diego

"It has been great to have someone to air out ideas with and to provide objective feedback. I've recently developed a new relationship that has more of the fun and fulfilling qualities I have been searching for. Keep doing this great work."

Computer Consultant

"I thank you for challenging me to establish a list of non-negotiables, to stop compromising myself into unworkable relationships. You are very good at cutting through all those self-defeating barriers I have erected and leaving me with a more optimistic outlook."

Mr. H.C.
Library Technical Assistant

"As we looked at my relationship history, I had the opportunity to get an overall picture of how relationships were for me in the past. I felt a great sense of accomplishment in seeing who I am now and feeling freed from having to be that way again.

Ms. B. N.


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