“Couples can overcome their difficulties if they recognize first that much of their disappointment, frustration, and anger stems not from a basic incompatibility, but from unfortunate misunderstandings that result from faulty communications and biased interpretations of each other’s behavior”

Aaron Beck, Ph.D.
“Love is Never Enough”

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Couples Testimonials

"As far as I'm concerned, you're the best in your ability to work with couples. You have helped me get out from a number of difficult issues."

Mr. S.W
Small business owner

"Not long ago I had 10 sessions of counseling. I got more good out of the free consultation than all my time with the prior counselor."

Mr. O.B.
Retired banker

"Your help has saved my fiancé and I from doom. We were falling into a deep pit of unproductive arguments and were developing an ugly resentment of one another. It’s predictable that our relationship would have already been over in the time it took to turn things around. I am truly grateful for your service and your unique abilities.”                                 

Dr. M.G.

“The initial conversation I had with you was earth-shattering for me and my marriage! I’m a renewed, happy, and at peace woman because of all your input and guidance. You’re treasured in our lives.”                                                             

Mrs. S. F.

"Bill -- ...YOU ARE REALLY REALLY GOOD at what you do. I think our work by email is working wonders b/c I communicate really well that way, and so do you.
Wow...I'm realizing that I've had more "a-ha" moments in the past 24 hrs with you than I have with my previous 6 months of weekly relationship coaching. Probably b/c I can stare at your written word and contemplate it for a while vs. the other coaching my husband and I were doing which was over the phone.

You do have a gift Bill.

I am so appreciative of your work and have gained wonderful insights. Thank you!"

Mrs. M P
Austin, TX

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