"I thank you for challenging me to establish a list of non-negotiables, to stop compromising myself into unworkable relationships. You are very good at cutting through all those self-defeating barriers I have erected and leaving me with a more optimistic outlook."

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My Unique Coaching Services

I work in person, and also offer my services by phone, Instant Messaging, and e-mail. Phone or internet-based sessions can reduce the inconvenience of traveling to appointments.

E-mail sessions are useful for busy people who may like the convenience of corresponding at unscheduled times. Working by e-mail also brings an added quality of writing and thinking without the possibility of interruption—bringing a depth sometimes not found in live sessions.

  • I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • I am available for some weekend and evening sessions.

  • You hire me on an as-needed basis and only come for sessions when you see the need.

  • At times of emotional upset when you it makes sense to talk to me instead of waiting for an appointment, we can have impromptu telephone sessions where I give you time to vent, and we find a way for you to be free of the upset.

  • I can easily work in conjunction with any other professional you are now working with. I will fill in crucial gaps that many professionals simply are not aware of.

  • I work from a home office. It is more personal. Plus, if confidentiality is very important to you, it is not obvious to others that you’re even entering a business.

  • I don’t limit my sessions to the typical 50-minutes to an hour: My intention is that you to find relief from the concerns you came in with—or at a minimum, have new clarity in arenas that were troubling you. Instead of stopping at a prescribed point, we work until we get to a completion point. With couples work, particularly early on, sessions usually take much longer than an hour. The benefit is that you don’t have to wait until next week to finish what could’ve been finished in an earlier session.

  • Some later sessions may simply be a short phone call. Once you’ve gained mastery in resolving emotional and internal conflict, 15 minutes may be all that is needed for you to resolve a particular concern.

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For those of you who would like to know more details about my unique approaches in sessions, plus how I’m similar and different from some well-know models for working with couples, visit my blog at http://healthycouples.wordpress.com/whats-behind-this-unique-service


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