"Bill, YOU ARE REALLY REALLY GOOD at what you do. Wow...I'm realizing that I've had more "a-ha" moments in the past 24 hrs with you than I have with my previous 6 months of weekly relationship coaching. I am so appreciative of your work and have gained wonderful insights. Thank you!"

Mrs. M P
Austin, TX

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Healthy Couples
Bill White, MA
Love Relationship Coach
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More highlights . . .

  • I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world by phone, Instant Messaging, and e-mail.

  • I am available for some weekend and evening sessions.

  • You hire me on an as-needed basis.

  • I donít limit my sessions to the typical 50-minutes to an hour. Some later sessions may simply be a phone call that lasts a few minutes.

  • I can easily work in conjunction with any other professional you are now working with.

  • I work from a home office. [More]

For a definition of a "Healthy Couple," link to Billís blog: http://healthycouples.wordpress.com/defining-a-healthy-couple/

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