"As far as I'm concerned, you're the best in your ability to work with couples. You have helped me get out from a number of difficult issues."

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What Coaching Provides  Couples    Singles    Everyone

As a Couple, Coaching Will Have You:

  • Clear up conflict and emotional upsets—sometimes rather quickly.

  • Learn how to practically eliminate unkind and disrespectful interactions.

  • Trust your partner without reservation.

  • Generate a partner around whom it is safe to be yourself, and with whom you are supported in being your best self.

  • Discover if the person you're with is the right person for you.

  • Be more masterful in relationships than most everyone you know, and more masterful than some professionals in this field.

  • Learn exactly why your anger and emotional upsets happen and how to recover your good feelings.

  • Rather quickly, discover the hidden influences of childhood emotional pain on your life and your relationship. As a result, emotions soften and compassion for self and other increases.

  • Help you uncover core beliefs and strategies you created during childhood.

  • See clearly how you and your partner’s childhood have become entangled, and then get it untangled.

  • Learn alternative ways of relating that can prevent or diminish future upsets.

  • Accept conflict and upset feelings as a natural part of a love relationship, and use conflict as a jumping off place to grow, laugh, play, and connect more intimately.

  • Discover how to enhance your sexual passion.

  • Learn specific, effective approaches for untangling conflict.

  • Become a role model of vibrant, healthy relationships for adults and for children.

As a Single Person, Coaching Will Support You In: [back to top]

  • Each step of the dating process.

  • Shortening the time it takes to meet a lifelong partner.

  • Seeing if a specific person is right for you.

  • Uncovering core attitudes and beliefs that are undermining your ability to meet or keep a partner.

  • Isolating what went awry in your past relationships so you’re less likely to repeat the process.

  • Identifying traits and qualities that are important to you in a partner.

  • Differentiating between qualities in a partner that are essential and those that are merely preferences.

  • Seeing the difference between lust and true compatibility.

  • Generate a partner who loves and accepts you exactly as you are.

 For Everyone I Work With:  [back to top]

  • I am compassionate and understanding because I’ve been there.

  • You will find me to be a patient, intuitive listener.

  • You will experience being heard without judgment or interference.

  • All aspects of yourself and your inner world will be met with acceptance and compassion from me.

  • We will explore the often confusing and conflicting inner world of your thoughts, attitudes, feelings, desires, and dreams. This exploration brings awareness of your core personality that has been just out of your sight. Awareness is a powerful step in making sense of the puzzle called “my life”.

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For those of you who would like to know more details about my unique approaches in sessions, plus how I’m similar and different from some well-know models for working with couples, visit my blog at http://healthycouples.wordpress.com/whats-behind-this-unique-service

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